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This short article was taken from a “zine” that we distributed to our friends and family, long before blogging.

In a few weeks I’ll be giving my notice at The Eureka Company, where I’ve worked for almost the last two years. My job as graphic artist has been very productive and educational and, believe it or not, I am kind of excited about looking for a new job in a new town when we return from Europe.

I have outgrown my position designing flyers for vacuum cleaners and will be looking for something more challenging. I hope to find a job at a progressive design firm who either utilizes computer desktop publishing extensively or needs someone to set up a system for them (namely, me).

I will also be looking at larger companies with in-house designers, but the work environment is going to be the most important thing that I look for. Working at Eureka has been a good experience, but I think I would rather work for a company with a more diverse and dynamic work force. It is hard to be innovative at a conservative manufacturing company like Eureka.

As far as my art career goes, it has been on hold until we return from our trip. I am once again interested in finding a gallery to show my work. and my October show at A.R.C. Gallery in Chicago should help me get my foot in the door. Now it is just a question of where. I don’t want to spend my lime (and money) looking for a gallery in Chicago if we end up living on the west coast.

I also haven’t been producing much new work, but hope to soon. I would really like to mix together my experience as a painter and drawer with my new and varied skills on the computer. I think multi-media art (art that mixes different art forms including painting and sculpture with video, computer graphics, etc..) will really be the trend of the future. People like art that is entertaining, and I hope I can move my art more in that direction. But for now, I am thinking about returning to Italy. Last time I went to Italy, I became an artist. This time, who knows?

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