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Our gay wedding, June 2008In June, Vince and I got married (again) after almost 19 years together. With my sister, nieces and friends in attendance, we participated in the ongoing struggle for gay equality by tying the knot at San Francisco City Hall.

In August, our household companion of 18 years, our kitty Bianca, died, leaving a hole in our lives I still feel every day.

In September, we closed our cafe, Three Dollar Bill, after over 4 year’s. It was a hard decision but none of our options were good and our landlord wanted more rent. Now they get none.

Then came the election. My excitement about Obama winning and anticipation of putting Bush behind us was bittersweet, as religious Californians voted that one of the most joyous events of the year was so wrong it needed to be undone by changing the constitution to forbid our kind of wedding. Our marriage is in limbo but our love is not.

And now what will happen next year…economic turmoil and a world ecosystem collapsing? Should be another interesting year.

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