Rearranged World: Pacific Rim 2, 2009

Rearranged World: Pacific Rim


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Rearranged World: Pacific Rim 2

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The works reference, in part, how the Earth is rearranging itself despite us.

The type trays that are the bases for many of the works in the Rearranged World series are not identical. The trays for Pacific Rim are the smallest, have fewer, larger slots and were in the worst condition as many of the metal dividers that separate the slots are loose or missing. For that reason, I created works out of them last which felt like an afterthought. They are not as visually strong as the others and the diagonals actually pin down the works rather than energizing them.

I ended up dismantling these two pieces and re-purposed the trays for another couple of works, which is the advantage of working with found objects–I can take them apart and make them into something else.


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