My theme for Open Studios: Roda Viva


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For this year’s SF Open Studios, I’m creating a mural in my studio inspired by the song Roda Viva by Brazilian artist Chico Buarque. The song was recorded in 1967 and is about the “wheel of life” that can suddenly change our fate, with lyrics that contain many metaphors and allusions to Brazilian culture. At the time it was recorded, “roda viva” was also understood as a reference to the Brazilian military dictatorship and the political turmoil at the time.

This video features Chico Buarque performing the song at the 1967 Festival of Brazilian Popular Music. This version includes English subtitles that I don’t really love but gives you the general idea and covers some of the themes I include in my work. I love this video, especially the views of the audience members singing along, especially considering the intended meaning of the song.

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