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I spent the weekend in Los Angeles a few weeks ago to see Jovanotti in concert at El Rey–an amazing concert that deserves its own post. With my spare time, I toured both the Getty Center and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, two museums I hadn’t visited before. It was a lot of art to cram into a day and a half but had some rewarding moments.

The expanse and care of the Getty exhibits are both phenomenal and the LACMA complex offered a great variety of art-related experience, including a celebration of Nowruz, the Iranian New Year, complete with dancers and a haft sin table of symbolic items representing the seven elements of life, which accounted for the unexpected assortment.

There was some contemporary art as well, including Chris Burden’s incredibly popular Metropolis II, which had crowds of families enthralled with it’s noisy excess. There was also a large gallery dedicated to the oversized works of Robert Therrien.  No Title (Blue Plastic Plates) is a ten-foot-tall mixed media work and I caught the gallery attendant in the background of the picture featured here. I showed her the image–she was amused and thanked me.

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