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We had a small but enthusiastic turnout and were able to construct and install a couple of pieces during the course of the afternoon, an abstract net construction that snakes along the ceiling and an interconnected road map piece held together with wires and mounted in a large frame.

The dynamic of the Instant Art Show can be stressful, no matter how much I prepare, because I don’t really know what to expect until people arrive, and people often arrive with very different ideas about what we’re going to be doing. In the end, much of the dynamic depends on how much participants are willing to take initiative and dive into the unknown. After all, most people are not accustomed to creating art within a specified time period, let alone collaborating with relative strangers and creating artwork in a cafe with whatever materials are at hand. As a result, the works we created are spontaneous and somewhat amorphic but, I believe, contribute to the experience in the cafe.

Collective work from Instant Artshow #2

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