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7:57 AM: I’m heading off to the inauguration with my family, who are all dressed up and excited. Live blogging depending on battery power…

8:39 AM: Now in very long line to enter ‘orange’ section. Lots of people everywhere. Lots.

10:14 AM: Motorcade is on its way. We’re finally through the gate and on the “orange” lawn. We have a view of the press stands but NO view of the inaugural stage.

10:28 AM: Members of congress filing on to the stage. Nieces’ feet are cold in their fancy shoes. It’s sunny but brisk and a little windy. Hand warmers being put to good use. Security is tight, with patrols on the Capitol dome.

11:18 AM: Jimmy Carter coming on stage. Cheers for him, the Clintons, Oprah, etc

[Okay, shortly after 11:30 AM, I lost connection to the internet…no more live blogging was possible.]

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