Greenland dawn


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Greenland at dawn from 36,000 feet, 2007

Different from the mostly cloud-covered or nighttime flights from Europe to the U.S., as we approached the east coast of Greenland, the skies cleared for an unbelievable view of the coastal mountain range, buried in miles of glaciers and lit by the low winter sun. This is the ice sheet that Al Gore is talking about in “An Inconvenient Truth” and is at risk of melting due to climate change, flooding coasts around the world.

I found it incredible to look at this view and think that entire mountains hide beneath the snow, completely buried except for the peaks. Is it possible that, in my lifetime, the mountains could be laid bare, with entire valleys exposed after hundred of thousands of years? Besides the mountains, what else is buried in all that snow?

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    One place I would love to go to

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