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CUT.FOLD.INTERRUPT. REPEAT. from linksoul on Vimeo.

From the press release

Linksoul Lab is pleased to present CUT FOLD INTERRUPT REPEAT, a two-person show featuring new work from Peter Howells and Angela Rose Voulgarelis. The show runs from September 25 -October 23, [2010]…

Here’s the bit about me.

PETER HOWELLS’ “Rearranged World” serves as an analogy to the destructive and creative processes of both nature and humanity. Using obsolete objects and found imagery, Howells carefully and systematically rearrange[d] their parts by inverting the grid, creating unexpected and engaging forms. The “ground” for each piece is a discarded letterpress typeset tray found at a junk shop. Inserted within each niche are strips of out-dated maps. A discourse on how we all process the world around us, Howells inter[wove] simple geometric patterns that disguise additional  layers of order and information.

And about Angela’s work.

Paying homage to a series of texts, ANGELA ROSE VOULGARELIS translates Marianne Williamson’s poem Our Deepest Fear as read by Nelson Mandela at his 1994 Presidential inauguration, poetry by Ingrid de Kok, John Donne, and writings by Agnes Martin. These texts are meticulously beaded into strands of quartz, jade and coral using morse code. The artist describes the making as a form of meditation. Similar to prayer beads, repetition and pattern allow for the translation of text to occur automatically, and with minimal amount of conscious effort, which in turn allows greater attention to be focused to the meaning of the texts themselves…

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